Free downloadable gift for you

I’ve been working on this free downloadable gift for you, so there hasn’t been much blogging going on! Apologies!

Kyoto has been really cold this year (although not as cold as Canada, the USA, and parts of Europe). It has been very nice to come home early and just curl up and read. And it has been fun to put this gift together for you.

I’ve just finished. I hope you like it!

It is called “Everyone’s gotta eat: 25 great ideas for eating out in Kyoto”. There are, of course, a lot more restaurants. And you can find many on travel websites. I wanted to share some of the places that we enjoy going and to give you an idea of the range of restaurants that are around Ebisu’s Kyoto, or easily accessible from there.

Download it from here.

I’d love to know if you like it! Just leave a comment below!

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