Why choose Ebisu’s Kyoto for a longterm stay

The question I will address today is “Why choose Ebisu’s Kyoto for a longterm stay?”

So, here are 10 reasons to consider Ebisu’s Kyoto International Guesthouse if you are coming to stay in Kyoto for a month or longer… Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. We are happy to help!

Guestroom with tokonoma

Guestroom with tokonoma








1. Ebisu’s Kyoto is a real Japanese house (but we have renovated, with Western-style restrooms and showers).

2. You will have a private, lockable room, but share the house facilities (i.e., kitchen, computer room, TV room, restrooms & showers, and a small garden).

3. Ebisu’s Kyoto has (almost) everything you need for your stay (but you need to bring your clothes, shoes, towel, toiletries and money).

4. There is wifi throughout the house (so you can always be in touch).

5. Ebisu’s Kyoto is in a stunning location with great views (why not enjoy looking at Kyoto from the Yoshida hillside while you are here?).

6. Ebisu’s Kyoto is easily accessible (although you do need to be able to walk up and down steps).

7. Ebisu’s Kyoto is affordable (we ask you to help us keep costs down and the property clean by cleaning for up to ten minutes a day. We have a cleaner who comes in once a week too).

8. At Ebisu’s Kyoto, there is no curfew (you get your own set of keys for the house), but there is a quiet time from midnight until 8am (so you can get your beauty sleep).

9. Ebisu’s Kyoto is a wonderful place from which to watch the passage of the days, weeks, months, and seasons of Kyoto.

10. Unlike every other guesthouse in Kyoto, Ebisu’s Kyoto is managed by Nob & Kim, a Japanese/non-Japanese couple, who act as a bridge for your understanding of Japanese culture and share the secrets of the area with you (you will always be able to get answers if something bamboozles you).

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