Welcome to Ebisu’s new blog

Welcome to the new blog of Ebisu’s Kyoto International Guesthouse. This blog comes with a whole new homepage! It is very exciting, and I have to give a huge “THANK YOU” to Rick, our webpage guy, for all his work to get this up and running! Really, couldn’t have done it without you, Rick!!!

Anyway, time to let you know why I wanted to start an Ebisu’s blog (actually, its the second one… the first one, by a week or so, is on Tumblr). I’d like to share updates about the house, about Kyoto, and about Japan in general. I will share my thoughts about cafes and restaurants, events, festivals, and holidays. I might even talk about the weather (in fact, that is pretty certain too!).

I am sure there are thousands of things to share with you, dear reader. And it all starts today.

So, since today is so special, I will share with you about Furoen, which is a small Japanese-style restaurant near Ginkakuji. Furoen has a basic menu of items, such as fried prawns, hamburger steak, and croquettes. All meals are served with a small potato salad, a small pickled dish, another small vegetable dish, rice, and miso soup.

But the real appeal with this little restaurant is the menu that they change on a monthly basis to reflect the various delicacies of the season. Nob ordered katsuo (bonito) carpaccio, while I had chicken with shimeji (a type of mushroom) in a cream sauce. Yum. We both walked out of there with huge bellies and bigger smiles. JPY1300 each. Value!

To get to Furoen, start walking east on Ginkakuji-michi from Shirakawa-dori. As soon as you cross the small bridge in front of the tiny police box, turn right and start walking down the hill. It is about 10 doors down from the corner. Opens for lunch (12:00-13:30), and dinner (17:30-21:00). Closed Tuesdays.


Thank you for joining us. And a final welcome to Ebisu’s new blog!