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Kyoto summer

Kyoto summer

You may have thought that we dropped off the face of the planet, but we haven’t… At least not yet! We have had a few hitches computer-wise, and I have been away far too often this summer. On the surface it appears that nothing much has changed or been done, but actually things are moving along nicely here!

The weather has cooled significantly over the past week or so, and you can see the results in the well-rested faces around Kyoto. Sleeping is now comfortable, and even daytime undertakings are more pleasant than in the extreme heat of Kyoto’s summer.

It is almost time to prepare the gardens for the cooler seasons, and I am looking forward to doing it slowly over the next couple of weeks.

We are having a bit of a “changing of the guard” right now as old friends leave and new residents arrive. We would like to offer our departing guests our best wishes as they head to the next stages of their lives, and to thank each one of you for choosing Ebisu’s Kyoto International Guesthouse as your home while you were here. We would also like to offer our warmest welcome to our incoming guests! We are looking forward to getting to know you better!

This post is actually a bit of a test so I can see if I can post directly from my phone. Please forgive me if the formatting is strange. I figure that if this works, you might hear from us a bit more often.

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