Rainy season


Rainy season has begun!

In Japan, rainy season, or “tsuyu” is a time of falling ume plums, fun umbrellas, and cold somen noodles. If you want to experience all the types of rain mentioned in the movie Forest Gump, this is the season for you!

Although in some years there can be rain almost every day, generally rainy season features several hot, sunny days followed by several days of rain. There can also be sudden downpours and thunderstorms at this time of year, as there were yesterday.

Rainy season is a great time to go to gardens to appreciate the moss and the incredible shades of green of the new growth of trees and bushes. The lotus flowers are out, and there may also be iris in the ponds. Hydrangea and peonies also bloom at this time of the year.

One of my favourite rainy season things is watching the fireflies in the smaller rivers and canals of Kyoto. One good place to see them is from the bridge at the corner of Shirakawa-dori and Imadegawa-dori. You can only see them at night, so go there from about 7:30 pm.



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