Why not visit Maruyama Park in Kyoto?

bird, maruyama park, kyoto

Bird, Maruyama Park, #Kyoto


Yesterday I strolled through Maruyama Park in Kyoto. Although it was sunny, the breeze was carrying the faintest autumn chill. A few of the leaves in the area already have a hint of colour. It was a lovely day to wander around.


About Maruyama Park

Maruyama Park is famous as a cherry blossom viewing spot in the spring, with parties gathering on tarps under the cherry trees from early morning until late at night. If you grab a bento and a drink from the convenience store, you can spend some time enjoying the beginning of spring under the blossoms here.

Maruyama Park is also one of the places along the “Higashiyama Hanatouro,” an impressive event of flowers and light held in early March each year. The collective outdoor exhibition of amazing ikebana, lit up during the evening, is something that I look forward to each year. This is one event I wouldn’t miss for the world. If you visit Kyoto during this time, I highly recommend that you schedule time to walk the route both during the day and at night.

Of course, Maruyama Park is also an excellent place to enjoy the autumn leaves. Bring your camera to capture the contrasting colours of the deciduous leaves, the (often) crisp blue autumn skies, and the gorgeous patterns of kimono worn by visitors to the park.

Winter in the park is much quieter, but it is still a great place to stroll or rest. Don’t miss a visit if it snows! The park is transformed into a wonderland, and you will be thrilled with the photographs you will be able to take.

I love spending time in Maruyama Park, and it is one of my favourite places to walk in the beautiful city of Kyoto. I you will find it pleasant too.




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