Life at Ebisu’s

“It provided a private enclave for me to nurture my soul while living a chaotic life teaching English and surviving as an alien in Japan…”

Ebisu’s Kyoto International Guesthouse welcomes guests who wish to stay more than 1 month. We occasionally have rooms available for shorter terms during the summer and winter. Contact us one month prior to arrival in Kyoto if you wish to stay for a shorter time during these seasons.

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Please note that:

  1. The hillside location makes it impossible for those with mobility challenges to access the house.
  2. Since this is an old Japanese house, there is little insulation. It can get quite cold in the winter months. Each room is provided with an electric heater and a hot carpet to take the chill out of the air. The house can also get rather warm in the summer. Each room is provided with an electric fan.
  3. Ebisu’s Kyoto uses a modified version of the Flylady system to keep the property clean and organised. Guests are required to commit 10 minutes each and every day to quickly cleaning one area, according to a roster. A cleaner will complete a more thorough clean once each week, and deep cleaning will be undertaken by the management. Guests are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and tidy.