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The surprising variety of Kyoto’s wildlife

Encounters with Kyoto’s wildlife are astounding. Take a peek at the little fellow in this photo!   Just the other day, I saw the pictured tanuki (a Japanese raccoon) on a street south of Yasaka Shrine while walking with my friends after lunch at…

Why not visit Maruyama Park in Kyoto?

  Yesterday I strolled through Maruyama Park in Kyoto. Although it was sunny, the breeze was carrying the faintest autumn chill. A few of the leaves in the area already have a hint of colour. It was a lovely day to wander around….

Price increase

For the first time since opening, the rent at Ebisu’s Kyoto International Guesthouse will increase from January 1st, 2017. The rate for a 6-mat room will change from JPY43,000 to JPY45,000 per month. This price rise reflects the increasing utility…